berylBeryl Lutrin is an English teacher with a special interest in Remedial Education. She gained valuable teaching experience at Crossroads Remedial School in Johannesburg, and has put these principles into general teaching practice. She believes that in order to be understood, work has to be presented in a simple, visual and logical manner. She enjoys reducing content and concepts to their simplest forms. The philosophy of her teaching is that once a student has grasped the basics, he or she is able to grow and develop from there.

In 1999 Beryl wrote The Afrikaans Handbook and Study Guide which has become a best-seller in South Africa. She wrote the book after finding that her ex-students were using her primary school notes at high school level and even up to matric level. This reinforced that ‘simple is better’. She realised that content should not be based according to age or school grade, but rather logically developed, irrespective of these.

Beryl’s love of teaching has influenced many of her students to become teachers. This is one of her proudest achievements.

marcellenewMarcelle Pincus is a household name in English and Drama circles in Johannesburg, throughout South Africa and even in the neighbouring countries, where she is often invited to lecture to teachers, or to adjudicate and examine students. She also presents English and Drama workshops throughout the country. In her book, ‘Brainstorm’, Marcelle shares her teaching ideas and methodologies. She is currently the National and Cultural Facilitator of the Crawford Preparatory Schools.

Anyone who has been taught by Marcelle, remembers her with love and gratitude. It is not difficult to understand why, when you know the rationale behind her teaching. Marcelle teaches ‘English through Drama and Drama through English.’ She concentrates on combining academic skills with life skills. Every lesson is based on a skill such as listening, lateral thinking or the challenge of discovery. The life-skills she weaves into her lessons foster self-confidence, a positive attitude and co-operative group work.

Marcelle believes that a teacher should be energetic and enthusiastic in order to motivate and stimulate students. The result is that her students love learning and extending their knowledge. They develop a passion for English. For Marcelle, English is not a subject, but a way of life. Through English she aims to touch every student’s life and to make him or her aware of being unique and a winner. Her overall objective is for every student to reach his or her potential and to be a happy and secure human being.

Marcelle and Beryl are both dedicated to the upliftment of education in South Africa. It is their vision as educationalists that has challenged them to write The English Handbook and Study Guide, which they hope will assist and inspire many generations of students, teachers and parents. They have each brought their own skills and expertise to The English Handbook and Study Guide. Their winning partnership has resulted in a reference book, which fills the gap in the market for a publication of this nature.


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