Dear Kevin

My name is Oliver Wright. I am writing to thank you because if it wasn’t for you I would have failed maths in Matric!

In October last year I was sitting on an average of 31% for maths and I hadn’t passed a maths test in about two years. I then began using the Maths Handbook and Study Guide to learn for my Matric. My final mark was 56%. I would never have thought that I was capable of passing maths before I started using your book. So thank you very much for helping me to do the impossible, I am eternally grateful.

Oliver Wright

Other Testimonials:

  • It has made such a difference in my children’s marks. The thing I love most about the book is that they have ample opportunities to practice the work. As well all know maths is a doing subject – so practice is important.
  • I am a Maths freak and I am so fortunate to teach maths (and a bucket load of other subjects) at our home school in Sharonlea. We run the IEB curriculum and I insist on having my Mathematics learners’ purchase the Handbook and Study Guide and we use only it and nothing else to work from throughout the year.
  • Thank you so much your study guide it is extremely helpful.
  • Your maths books are fabulous.  Simply fabulous. I am teaching from them and obtaining amazing results.
  • I’ve been using the Maths Handbook and Study Guide for the CAPS curriculum. It has helped me obtain 96% on my 1st term’s report. It’s a very good book! The worked through solutions makes it even more perfect. Thank you.
  • I just wanted to say that your new maths book with exercises is incredible and very helpful.
  • I am a student at Curro Aurora Private School. I just wanted to thank you for this fantastic book which has helped me immensely in my Matric year.
  • I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing Grade 12 Handbook and Study Guide. It’s very helpful and I’m grateful.
  • Last year, I purchased the Grade 11 Maths Handbook and Study Guide. It turned out to be a life-saver for me, thanks to its logical step-by-step explanations, examples and exercises with step-by-step worked out solutions. Thank you so much
  • Earlier this year I bought the Maths Handbook and Study Guide to use for extra practice and to self-study concepts at home. I would truly like to take this opportunity to send my gratitude to the people, specifically Mr Kevin Smith, who compiled this book. The book has become my maths bible. It is so easy to understand, and being a student who didn’t enjoy maths because I found it very difficult. After using the Maths Handbook and Study Guide I am able to grasp the concepts which are demonstrated so well. The format of the examples and the exercises are done so well and have really assisted me with my mathematics this year. I am so surprised that my marks have rocketed from 60’s to 80’s since I bought this book! You have my deepest gratitude
  • I am currently a grade 11 student studying at St Martins high school doing the IEB syllabus. Last year we began working with the new CAPS curriculum and found it slightly challenging to adjust.
  • Dear Kevin, your maths books have improved my life substantially, Thank You!
  • I am amazed at how simple your books make mathematics seem. My son has only had them for a week and they have already helped him immensely.
  • The way that the book is written, is exactly the same way that I teach. Well done Kevin Smith!
  • As a Teacher, this book is exactly what I am looking for. I no longer have to spend time sifting through pages of work to find the examples that I want to teach from.
  • For the first time my child is showing an interest in maths.  Thank you.
  • Your books are so simple, concise and logical. If I had these books when I was in school, I would have taken mathematics.
  • By using your books. I have reduced my need for extra mathematics lessons from once a week to once a month. They are like having a tutor at my disposal all the time.
  • After using your books, my son has confidence in his mathematics ability and I have subsequently seen a remarkable improvement in his grades. Thank you.
  • I love the Maths Handbook and Study Guide for Grade 11! It is well presented and user friendly.
  • I enjoy your Maths books. I have all of them from Grade 10 to Grade 12. They are user friendly, clear logical and learner orientated and even I could follow and assist my daughter in her Grade 10 year. She is now in Grade 11 and I could only lay my hands on the Grade 11 book after she wrote all of her tests. Her 1st term results clearly showed that we did not have your Maths books but we will make up for that in the 2nd Thank you for your books!
  • Since my retirement (I was a heart surgeon), I have started learning Maths from the Maths handbook and study guides, Grade 10 to 12. Top marks for content and clarity! They are great books, I wish they were available when I was at school!


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